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Welcome to our leading consulting firm in Orlando, Florida, with over 20 years of expertise in business development, operations improvement, and talent performance enhancement. Our team of former operations and human resources executives possesses unrivaled knowledge of the challenges faced by businesses across industries. We excel in delivering transformative solutions that optimize your organization’s efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

We help clients to start their business, improve their business, and grow their business. We meet you where you are and build strategies and tactics to take you to the next level. Simply put, we help you succeed.

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Our experienced hands-on and dedicated staff have engaged in a myriad of campaigns with companies of varying size and needs.

SCC Services Group executive consultants and staff have built careers based on real experience by working day-to-day in the trenches of corporate America.

  • Our partners at SCC Services Group took extra time and care to learn our unique business and help build brand awareness for our clients. They do an excellent job engaging with prospective clients to listen to potential opportunities and win appointments, along with reporting campaign metrics for evaluation.

    — Marc Eltoft - M4D

  • Dave Kielkucki and the SCC Services Group Team were instrumental in helping Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind navigate resources and personnel needed to enter the call center industry. He and the team assisted with curriculum development, “Train the Trainer” certification, and provided consultation for staff recruitment, selection and operations infrastructure. Ultimately, Dave assisted DLB with identifying a local call center that was resulted in acquisition.    

    — Cindy Watson - Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind

  • In a time of need to energize and bring our inside Sales organization to the next level I was fortunate to enlist the services of SCC Services Group. During their engagement Dave Kielkucki was able to identify process defects within our off shore outbound sales team. He worked closely with me and the senior leadership team to understand the short and long term sales objectives of the company. Dave worked hand in hand with our agents and front line managers, crafted new phone scripts, performance reports and most importantly developed a highly energized and enthusiastic team that drove sales results not previously experienced.

    — Edward Danielski - Supra Telecom

  • We hired SCC Services Group to lead us in improving our customer service capabilities. Six months later, under the heading “Project Connect”, SCC Services Group has far exceeded our expectations. Dave Kielkucki’s team has brought us improvements in processes and measurements while enhancing our customer service delivery. Unexpectedly, under Dave’s leadership, he has helped us fundamentally improve our very culture. Through his teaching and motivational style, Dave has challenged us and helped us move beyond a “watch things happen” to a “make things happen” cohesive group. If you are looking for a “hands on” change agent that delivers lasting results, Dave Kielkucki and SCC Services Group has been just that for Envision.

    — Pat Barnett - Envision

  • The SCC team worked closely with Management to craft a desired customer care representative learning experience while delivering professional in-depth and personalized training. Training techniques directly impacted quality call productivity by 35% while enhancing our customers overall experience and resulted in customer return business.

    — Bernie Anderson - NewView Oklahoma

  • Most consultants just sit back and advise. The SCC Services Group team actually get their hands dirty. You help us accomplish the things you recommend we do and are there every step of the way.

    — Terry Frank

  • The SCC Services Group Team seemed totally engaged in our project, they approached the task with the same patriotic spirit as if they were Folds of Honor Foundation staff. They responded to changes and requests we made in the middle of the project with an attitude of great customer service.

    — Ginny Creveling - Fold of Honor Foundation

SCC Business Services

Engaging with our team can save your organization money in several ways:

  1. Efficiency and Process Improvement: Consultants are skilled at analyzing and optimizing business processes. By identifying inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and areas of waste, they can recommend streamlined processes and cost-saving measures. Implementing these improvements can lead to increased productivity, reduced operational costs, and overall resource optimization.

  2. Expertise and Specialized Knowledge: Consultants bring industry-specific expertise and specialized knowledge to the table. Their experience in tackling similar challenges enables them to provide targeted solutions that save time and resources. By leveraging their knowledge, companies can avoid costly trial-and-error approaches and instead adopt proven strategies to resolve issues effectively.

  3. Avoiding Costly Mistakes: Consultants can help companies avoid costly mistakes that may arise from lack of experience or knowledge in specific areas. Their insights and guidance can prevent potential financial pitfalls, such as investing in the wrong technologies, making uninformed decisions, or implementing ineffective strategies. By avoiding these costly errors, businesses can protect their bottom line.

  4. Scalability and Flexibility: Consulting services offer scalability and flexibility. Instead of hiring permanent staff for short-term projects or initiatives, companies can engage consultants on a temporary basis. This allows them to access the necessary expertise without incurring the long-term costs associated with full-time employees. Consultants can be engaged as needed, providing cost-effective solutions for specific projects or periods of high demand.

  5. Strategic Planning and Risk Mitigation: Consultants assist companies in developing effective strategic plans and risk mitigation strategies. By identifying potential risks and providing recommendations to mitigate them, consultants help businesses avoid costly disruptions or setbacks. Proactive planning can save money by reducing the impact of unforeseen events or market fluctuations.

In summary, using a consulting service can save a company money by improving efficiency, leveraging specialized knowledge, avoiding costly mistakes, providing scalability, and enabling effective strategic planning. By investing in consulting expertise, businesses can achieve cost savings, enhance operational effectiveness, and drive sustainable growth.

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