In today’s competitive business environment, contact center and marketing professionals are constantly challenged to manage a growing business, achieve superior performance levels and at times are asked to support services and products that are becoming more complex.

Faced with this reality, the consulting disciplines that SCC Services Group focuses on are operations management and service delivery excellence in the customer service, contact center and brand marketing arenas.

Our consulting practice puts emphasis on:

  • contact center operational assessments
  • human capital management
  • organizational structure
  • brand marketing
  • strategic planning
  • sales and customer care training
  • technology selection
  • deployment of technology in customer contact centers.

Our client engagements are directed at identifying projects that will have the highest return in terms of profit, productivity, customer and employee satisfaction.

Today, technology is an integral part of the customer service delivery formula and while it is ever changing, it needs to be reviewed on a regular basis and understood. Customers now have more choices than ever before and insist on the flexibility to conduct business anytime, anywhere and through any media. As a result, multi-media contact is the norm in many contact centers and the various contact channels must be tightly woven into operational processes to insure a high level of customer loyalty and satisfaction.

In addition to delivering high customer satisfaction, Contact Center management teams are also requested to maintain or reduce operating budgets and get more production from their staffs. To this end contact centers must find ways to become more efficient and flexible then ever before.

Based on today’s business requirements and the vast growth in Customer Contact Centers there is demand for expert guidance to assist organizations with the many tactical issues of the day, strategic planning and to act as a resource on current and future projects.

If your organization has a need for Contact Center Consulting, Brand Marketing, Human Capital Assessment and Development, Application Development and Integration, Outsourced Services, Sales and Customer Service Training or an Offshore Solution, SCC Services Group brings a unique brand of expertise to the table based on years of  “real life” experience and is in position to fill this demand for start-up, growing or under performing operations.