RealMove Predictive Analytics (RPA) is a cloud-based platform capturing employee knowledge and engagement using a 5-minute test every two weeks. It sounds deceptively simple, as there are many testing tools available that tend to be ignored in a company’s Learning Management System (LMS).

However, RealMove Predictive Analytics genius is the analytics performed behind the evaluations.

Would you like…

  • 2% decrease in 1st Call Resolution?
  • 50% new hire transition?
  • 30% decrease in all escalations?
  • 5% decrease in agent attrition?

Those results are from RPA’s European clients. We know RPA can deliver for you too.

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Q: What is the initial commitment?

A: We start with a low-entry price point with no long-term commitment pilot. For 60 days we use RPA with your company’s knowledge and 25 of your chosen employees. Once the pilot completes, we review the results and you decide your long-term commitment from there.

Q: Can we use our company knowledge for the quizzes?

A: Yes. These are customized knowledge to test your team in real-time. But we don’t leave you to figure it out for yourself. Included in our services and pricing is RPA’s administration. You do not need to provide us with a headcount or Subject Matter Expert, although you can.

After the pilot for an ongoing commitment, we help you learn the administration of the tool. Your organization will eventually develop an RPA subject matter expert to be self-sufficient. But we are always here to help.

Q: What impact does Realmove Predictive Analytics have on IT infrastructure?

A: None. RPA is cloud-based. Employees receive a link to the quiz, which they can take on any web browser. All data is saved on our secured servers.

Q: I am concerned employees will cheat. How do you stop that?

A: To minimize the temptation to share answers the quiz is timed and the questions are randomized. We found less than 10 minutes to be the right time to complete the quiz, but that is not long enough for the employees to capture screenshots. Trust us, we have seen most of the possibilities with our European clients.

Q: I understand it measures employee knowledge. That is readily available in the market. But how can it predict employee turnover?

A: That is the analytics behind the scenes. As leaders know, your top engaged performers will complete most tasks quickly and with quality. The opposite is true for those who are disengaged. That is where RPA differs from similar platforms. It measures when the agent took the quiz, how much time did it take for them to complete it, and of course, their correct answers. These metrics come to you in real-time and show patterns who is “Phoning it in,” and who is engaged. This happens way before an employee begins to call in, which is usually the first sign an employee is thinking of leaving.

Q: Sounds great, but really how much is the cost?

A: We understand budget concerns for employee development. As former operations and HR leaders, we get it. We also have been burned signing large and expensive contracts that were difficult to modify when the organization changed. That is why we start with a low-entry pilot for less than five figures. We are confident even during the pilot you will receive a full ROI.

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