SCC Services Group is the exclusive US distributor for Realmove Predictive Analytics.

    • Do you know who are your best performers based on data and not just personality?
    • Do you know the employees who are already heading toward the door?
    • Do you need to take your quality assurance practice to the next level?

Realmove Predictive Analytics can tell you all of this and more.

It is not simply quizzing your employees on job knowledge located in silos of an underutilized Learning Management System (LMS). Using proprietary and proven analytics behind the scenes, leaders receive reports with real-time knowledge of what is happening in their workforce. It is a cloud-based tool, so there is no impact on your IT infrastructure.

The ROI can come in as little as 90 days with improved employee performance and decreased attrition.

To see a quick one sheet with case study results, click here Realmove Summary USA 2023.

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