Did you know?

Contact centers and office environments provide meaningful and rewarding opportunities for visually impaired and blind individuals, enabling them to navigate the sighted world and achieve sustainable independence.

Our Commitment

Since 2012, SCC Services Group has actively collaborated with non-profit organizations that focus on supporting visually impaired and blind (VIB) individuals. Our efforts have encompassed training VIB individuals and equipping them for employment in customer service call centers or administrative positions within office environments. We have also worked on improving existing call center operations and have integrated visually impaired individuals into the SCC Services Group Team as Business Development Coordinators, operating within our Virtual Contact Center. Additionally, they serve as trainers, co-facilitating our Customer Care Professional/Contact Center Training Curriculum.

SCC Services Group is dedicated to identifying employment prospects for VIB individuals and collaborating with non-profit organizations to facilitate job placements. Our aim is to contribute towards reducing the high national unemployment rate experienced by this group, one position at a time.

Through our partnerships with organizations nationwide and our interactions with VIB individuals, we have witnessed their profound appreciation for the support offered in preparing them for re-entry into the workforce.

If you would like to learn more about the capabilities and skills of visually impaired or blind individuals, please feel free to contact us at info@sccservicesgroup.com or reach out directly to Dave Kielkucki at 954-444-3668.

Our Corporate Goals

  • To work with non-profit organizations whose clients are Visually Impaired and Blind and work with them in delivering a quality sales and customer service training curriculum.
  • Work with non-profit organizations in identifying companies that will become a Valued Partner with them and commit to hiring visually impaired individuals.
  • I learned so much about communication skills with customers that will benefit me here at work, as well as, at home with my family. I also, for the first time ever, realized that I have some faults to work on and am excited to put the many things you taught me into practice. Words cannot describe what this training has meant to me. It was truly a joy working with you and until next time, adios mi amigo!

    — Christy

  • My experience during the past few weeks has been remarkable. I have yet to see a part of my daily life or interactions with other people that can be excluded from this courses benefits. I am a better listener, speaker and most of all, I am motivated and driven to meet and exceed my personal goal and expectations.

    — Margaret

  • After successful completion of the Call Center Customer Care Professional Training, I found this class to be interesting and of great benefit. I gathered a great deal of knowledge about Customer Service delivery. This class has challenged me to learn how to phrase things in a professional way; namely, alleviating the usage of the word “no” from my vocabulary.

    — Michelle